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Badass Women Throughout History

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Badass Women of History

Khutulun: Thirteenth century Mongolian warrior princess who chose her husband based on a wrestling match (if he could beat her, she would marry him).

Policarpa Salavarrieta: Columbian revolutionary who posed as a seamstress while spying on Royalist families to free Colombia from Spain's rule.

Ching Shih: Chinese pirate who ruled the Red Flag Fleet, one of Asia's biggest pirate crews, during its height of power - even the Chinese government couldn't defeat her ship. 

Gertrude Bell: British scholar and mountaineer who traveled the world twice before establishing the borders of modern-day Iraq and helping to appoint the country's first government officials.

The Night Witches: Russian WWII fighter pilots who were the first women to carry out active military orders.

Hedy Lamarr: Austrian inventor and actress who laid the groundwork for communication through wireless technology.

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