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Dessert Teas are the "Gateway Teas" for Tea Virgins

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Dessert Tea - Orange Chocolate Oolong Tea

Gone are the days of just limiting our palettes to traditional tea blends. Tea does not have to be bitter or strong that's tied to classic customary tea types. Today, tea have various new and exciting blends that paves as "gateway teas" to tea virgins. People are more welcoming to the fact that you can practically call a combo of dried fruits and flowers as tea (not just strictly from the camellia sinensis leaves) and seriously develop a keen love for it.

Dessert teas have a reputation to entice a drinker to indulge in a refreshing, sweet and decadent combos. From additions of nuts, coconut, chocolate, dried fruits, fragrant flowers, sprinkles, coffee beans... the possibilities are endless. Whatever dessert your imagination can conceive, it could be concocted in a way that you'll enjoy it. Dried fruits that were processed naturally are the best dessert teas because they have less sugar than the ones that were blended with sprinkles, chocolate, butter, milk, etc. If taste is a major priority for you, go ahead and indulge, but if you want to keep it calorie-free as much as possible, read the ingredients and stay with a combo of dried fruits and flowers.

No matter which one you prefer, make sure that you try loose-leaf teas than teabags. It'll have a richer flavour and you can re-infuse the teas for about 2-3 times before tossing them away. A trusted one-cup stainless steel infuser for mugs is a must for a solo-tea-time, and a dedicated porcelain teapot with an infuser is ideal for a tea party. Infusing loose the leaf teas give them the freedom to expand their leaves and release their hypnotizing flavours. Teabags can only be used once since they're usually made from lower grade tea leaves that were pulverized for mass production. Choose your teas carefully. Ensure that you're purchasing them from a trusted company that ethically sources their products with moral and social responsibility. We, at Brave New Tea, only work with small local tea farmers in China and Japan who practice ethical and responsible farming methods that protect the land and nature.

When having a tea party, it'll be a successful tea tasting if you have at least 3 different kinds to choose from - vary it up with various tea base such black tea, green tea, and oolong tea with interesting blended ingredients such as zesty orange peels, sweet dried peach, fragrant dried chrysanthemum petals or mouth-watering chocolate bits that gives them a pleasantly surprising twist!

Enjoy your tea time and make sure to have a cozy, fun time with your pals. Remember that teas bring people closer together, it's an awesome way to share moments with your best friends!

For a sure tea party good time, try Brave New Tea's bestsellers - Zesty Chocolate Fantasy,  Cloud Nine Java and Tropical Peach Rhapsody! Also, our One-Cup Tea Infuser fits most mugs for your convenient steeping experience.

Zesty Chocolate Fantasy - Orange Chocolate Oolong TeaCloud Nine Java - Rooibos Coffee TeaTropical Peach Rhapsody - Mango Peach Oolong Tea

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