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Matcha Guide + Quick & Easy Recipes

Organic Matcha Green Tea - Superfood

What makes matcha so special and why are so many health nuts excited about this green tea?

The short answer is... matcha is pulverized green tea that is farmed in a way that would make the leaves retain more chlorophyll by carefully shading the tea leaves weeks before picking as opposed to regular tea farming. The entire process of growing, harvesting, drying and grinding matcha is so intricate, laborious and time-consuming that it usually takes about an hour to grind just an ounce of finely stone-ground matcha to ensure that it's of the highest quality and full-packed nutrition.

The best matcha are grown in the southern part of Japan where the prefectures are the ideal growing regions because of their climate, altitude and soil. 

What can matcha do for you?

  • Boosts your energy throughout the day
  • Calms you down - gives that zen feeling
  • Heightens your concentration
  • High in antioxidants - promotes healthy skin
  • Increases your body's rate of calorie burning - aids in losing weight

Traditionally, there's an entire ceremony that's practiced with serving matcha in Japan. Nowadays, it's totally acceptable to use matcha in a variety of ways. Whether it may be as lattes, cocktails or desserts, there's definitely unlimited ways of incorporating this superfood in your lifestyle. 

Download this Free Matcha Ebook as your Ultimate Matcha Guide and Try Out the Quick and Simple Matcha Recipes that you can start with the ingredients you most probably already have at home! 

Brave New Tea also has the best matcha green tea powder from a small tea farm in Uji, Japan that you'll love! Try our organic Mighty Matcha Elixir today. 


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