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Loose Leaf Tea


Loose Leaf Tea Preparation

Preparing loose leaf tea may take an extra step than a tea bag, but it's still super easy to steep with an infuser, and makes a whole lot of difference in your tea drinking experience. It's distinct sensational aroma will lust your palette with its hypnotizing flavour.

Tea Infuser

Tea Infuser

Investing in a quality tea steeper, such as a stainless steel mesh infuser, makes preparing and cleaning up loose-leaf tea quick and easy.



Tea Infuser and Loose Leaf Tea

Tea Infusion

Loose leaves release their flavour gradually in warm water. Subsequent infusions would have their own striking character because the strength of the leaves aren't spent all at once.



Quality & Freshness

Whole leaves used in loose leaf tea have less exposed surface area than tea bag “fannings” or CTC leaf. As long as they are kept in a sealed container and  stored in a cool, dry place, they'll definitely stay fresher for a longer period of time.



Loose Leaf Tea Flavour


Loose leaf tea is made up of whole leaves, or large pieces of leaf, still containing aromatic oils that give it a flavourful and phenomenal taste. Tea leaves release more aroma and flavour when they have ample space to infuse.



Loose Leaf Tea


Loose leaf tea only requires small amounts per serving. It's encouraged to infuse loose leaf tea multiple times (such as oolong tea), lowering the price per cup. Each infusion would taste slightly different from the prior cup since the leaves release a distinct flavour each time.


 Loose Leaf Tea - Green Tea



Loose leaves are good for composting because they are biodegradable, and break down in the soil quickly.